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    Welcome to Zhejiang Huawei Industrial co., Ltd, we manufacture the PVC Tarpaulin, ready made PVC Tarps, Tarps, Tarpaulin, PVC laminated Fabric, Tarps China, Tarpaulin China, Tent fabric, Truck cover tarps, Heavy duty tarp, Truck Cover China, Canvas Cover and so on.

    Zhejiang Huawei Industrial co., Ltd was founded in 1999, a professional pvc product manufacturer from China, with ten year’s experience in Tarps, Tarpaulin(eg.PVC Tarpaulin, Tarpaulin China) and Tarps China, we are ……(Show Details)


Lumber Tarp 18oz

Belongs Series >Truck tarps

Lumber tarp 18oz

1.Any size and design are available as customer's requests/.
2,Other specification fabric are available.

Truck cover, truck tarps.

Lumber Tarp

Belongs Series >Truck tarps

1.Size:16’x24”,16’X27’with 4' Drop,24’6”X27’ with 8' Drop,16’X25’and any other sizes as customer's request

 2,Use: Truck cover(lumber tarp and steel tarp)   18OZ Vinyl Coated.

Truck Cover,Vinyl Tarp,Vinyl Covers 
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